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Fire Signs, Boards, Posters etc Fire Signs, Boards, Posters etc
All Fire Signs, Action Centres, Fire Labels.
First Aid Signs, Posters & Kits First Aid Signs, Posters & Kits
First Aid Signs, Action Centres, Guidance Posters & First Aid and Eye Wash.
All Exit & Fire Exit Signs All Exit & Fire Exit Signs
Refuge Signs, Exit Signs, Fire Exit Signs, Health & Technical Signs, Braille Fire Exit Signs, EC Directive Fire Exit Signs.
CCTV & Security Signs CCTV & Security Signs
These signs when ordered online come without fixing channel. If you wish to have a fixing channel with your sign, or if you wish to have any of these signs in 3mm rigid acrylic, please contact 01753 549373.

Businesses operating a CCTV system are affected by the Data Protection Act 1998. Under the Act individuals have the right to access personal information including CCTV images. To enable individuals to exercise their right under the Act, "appropriately sized signs should be placed in and around the area where CCTV cameras are located." In addition the signs should, "Identify the owner/operator of the system and the purpose of which the data may be used."

Available in Self Adhesive Vinyl, 1mm PVC and 3mm Perspex with or without fixing channel.

Security signs are ideal for use in high risk areas to warn visitors of security measures in place and to deter potential offenders.

Floor Signs & Anti-Slip Tape Floor Signs & Anti-Slip Tape
Bring your message right into the factory floor (literally). These floor signs give maximum impact to your safety policy. Placed directly onto the floor the aggressive adhesive and polycarbonate protective film will give ultimate durability. They should also remain visible under smokeout conditions occupying the gap between the floor and the smoke curtain. Use in conjunction with the surface preparation kit.
General Information General Information
To relay information, directy, identify or inform, our range of general signs provides the answer. An ideal solution for situations which do not warrent specific safety signage.

To project or suspend your general signs use our suspended frames.

Hazard Hazard
Hazard signs - Instruct, advise, forewarn staff and visitors of potential dangers arising around the workplace. Meaning there is a risk of danger, warning or caution.
Prestige Signs Prestige Signs
The prestige range has been exclusively developed to provide the ultimate in looks. Manufactured on 1.5mm satin or brushed gold effect. Each sign is supplied with four radius corners and adhesive backing to ensure the exclusive look is kept even when fitted.
Braille Signs Braille Signs
The Disability Discrimination Act Part III 2004

The DDA Part III amendments were introduced in September 2002 producing a strict guideline which comes into effect on the 1st of October 2004 guaranteeing that equal access must be made to all people using public buildings, including education establishments.

Signs should be place at a height suitable for everyone to reach unaided, generally this is reccomended to be no lower than 1400mm from the floor and no higher than 1700mm.

Directional signs should be placed at each entry, as well as signs showing the toilet locations. Fire exit and Exit signs should be visible from all locations.

Identification signs (such as door signs) should be located next to the door, in case that has been left open.

Site Safety Boards Site Safety Boards
These factory printed site safety boards are ideal for enforcing your safety policy. They can incorporate compnay logos and colours, we can hold quantities in stock, ready for immediate despatch. Typically printed on 3mm foam PVC.
Desktop Signs Desktop Signs
Use this range of desktop signs to prohibit, motivate or inform staff and visitors alike. Printed on white 1mm rigid plastic and form shaped, whilst the message can be viewed from both sides.
Street Signs & Posts Street Signs & Posts
A selection of our most popular standard signs, all produced in 3mm aluminium. Available in either plate only for wall fixing or complete with two rows of channel for post mounting.
Cones Cones
Low index traffic and caution cones ideal for hazard avoidance and for warning of potential dangers.
Cleaning Stands Cleaning Stands
Any of the cleaning stands shown are ideal for the marking of potential hazards.

BBSW10 to BBSW17 stands are 233 x 615mm amd fold flat for easy storage.

BBST1-900mm high Lightweight cleaning stand.

Wire rod frame folds flat for easy storage. Legs are rubber tipped to protect floors and stop sliding. Can be supplied as stand only or choose from the signs below to create a complete.

BBST4-500mm high Lightweight Cleaning stand.

Use this frame in conjunction with BBSW1 and BBSW9. All printed on both sides with the same message with the exception of BBSW1.

Door Sliders Door Sliders
This range of exclusive door signs give a professional clean finish to any environment. Available in silver anodisef aluminium, we can apply the black text of your choice to both the header and slider sections. The typeface will be as shown on the photo above, Times on the header section and Helvetica on the slider section.

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