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Fire Fighting Equipment Signs Fire Fighting Equipment Signs
The Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997

State non-automatic fire equipment should display safety signs in accordance with The Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996.

These regulations require the fire fighting equipment to be marked with a permanent sign board in red; Our fire signs conform to DIS3864 Part 1 which requires a white border on all fire signs.

Double Sided Hanging Signs Double Sided Hanging Signs
Printed on durable 3mm foam PVC these double sided signs are excellent for highlighting the fire equipment, within factories, warehouses and large industrial units. Double sided signs can be used with suspended frame units. Hanging chain sold seperately.
Projecting Fire Signs Projecting Fire Signs
Printed double sided on 3mm foamex, this range indicates the position of emergency equipment quickly and efficiently. Size shown indicates the face size. Even when the position of equipment may not be immediately obvious.
Fire Extinguisher Signs Fire Extinguisher Signs
Ensure your signs comply with ALL current legislation.

From January 1st 1997 all fire extinguishers must contain a red body. The emphasis being place on the use of the equipment, rather than on the content of the equipment. An area of colour coding may still be used on the apparatus providing it is no greater than 5% of the area of the fire extinguisher. Use oue range of signs to help you comply with both the safety signs and signals regulations and EN3/5.

All signs shown are available in 1mm rigid plasic, self-adhesive vinyl or request rigid plastic with a self-adhesive backing.

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